Richmond Hill

In-Home Piano Lessons

In-Home Piano Lessons

Music Smart offers In-Home piano lessons in Richmond Hill – Ontario area.
This lesson format is ideal for those who put a high value on their time and convenience.

In-Home Piano Lessons

Music Smart Pluses

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Piano Lessons In Your Home

Music Smart will come to your home for piano lessons in Richmond Hill. Parents driving their kids to multiple extracurricular activities or adult learners with a dense schedule will definitely appreciate having an experienced, dedicated piano teacher coming to the house. Cut the driving and waiting time and focus on playing piano.

Customized Piano Program

We learn differently. Age and learning style significantly affect how we assimilate knowledge and skill. We might also have different music learning goals. Therefore, I consider all these factors in building an efficient teaching strategy for each piano student. It always works!

Online Learning Tools

You have continuous support for your piano learning, even between our in-home lessons. My students have access to a library of online resources – piano video tutorials, sheet music, audio files, musical games and quizzes. Visit page Music Smart Library

Performance Opportunities

Let’s be honest! It can be pretty lonely practicing piano by yourself in the living room. But there’s nothing more exhilarating than performing music in front of an audience, and my students have multiple opportunities to do that. Our biannual concerts are exciting and very well received. Music festivals – like North York Music Festival and Kiwanis – are good occasions to compete and meet like-minded people committed to music and piano.

Play Music You Like

As an active musician myself, I know how important it is for students to feel connected to the music they play. That’s why our piano repertoire includes many popular pieces from all musical genres- pop, rock, jazz, movies, television.

Try Before You Commit

Learning piano takes time and patience. So, I give my new students time to understand better how the in-home lessons unfold and how student and teacher work together. There is no charge for our first demo/assessment lesson, and there is a one-month trial before committing to a term (12-16 weeks).

Piano Books - Methods

In-Home Piano Programs

We have the right tool for every job. Part of individualized learning is choosing the right curriculum and learning tools for each piano student. So whether you have serious plans for music and piano or just want to enjoy playing this beautiful instrument, there is a program for you.

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The RCM Program

The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) program builds solid piano skills and comprehensive musicianship. It also grants official recognition of the student’s progress through standardized examinations. It can very well lay the ground for a possible musical career.

Completion of Grade 8 Piano RCM counts as a high school credit, which is a good goal for many young students. Please find more details in our  Piano FAQ or visit RCM.

Covers of piano books for in-home piano lessons

Popular Piano Methods

Popular Piano Methods – by authors like Alfred or Faber- offer another learning path, covering efficiently the basics of piano playing up to the intermediate level. With this program, students can achieve their music goals at their own pace without restrictions on repertoire or the pressure of an exam.


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Music Smart Materials

I created a library of teaching materials, which continues to grow and supplements what is taught during the in-home piano lesson. Video tutorials, custom-made music/piano arrangements and audio tracks are available online and can be accessed from the Music Smart Library page. You might even find there one of your favourite songs!

Watch a  Video Tutorial

Nuts and Bolts

How a Piano Lesson Works

An in-home piano lesson contains a few activities that develop essential music skills. You not only learn A SONG, but you train your body and your mind to play MUSIC.

Piano Technique

Learn how to position your body at the piano, use your arms and hands efficiently, and develop fingers strength, flexibility, speed and control.

Music Theory

Knowing musical concepts, signs and terms will help you understand how music is organized and ultimately learn faster and play the piano better.

Note Reading

A music score is, after all, a map, a set of instructions. If you know how to read it, you can learn even a complex piece of music more efficiently.

Ear Training

Train your musical ear to differentiate sounds by pitch, and hear internally how they sound when grouped in intervals and chords. As a result, you will be able to play “by ear”, and you will understand and learn music more easily.

Piano Repertoire

All skills come together for the main purpose: to play beautiful music on the piano for your own enjoyment and, why not, for an audience who will be moved by your performance.

Piano teacher and student in lesson

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