Piano and Music Lessons- Richmond Hill

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In Home Piano Lessons- Richmond Hill

If you live in Richmond Hill or vicinity (Vaughan, Markham), Music Smart offers piano lessons In Your Home.

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Piano Curriculum

- This program builds solid piano skills and good musicianship; it can lay the ground for a possible musical career. It also offers an official recognition of the student's progress through examinations. The completion of Grade 8 RCM counts as a high school credit which makes it a good goal for many young pianists. Follow the link RCM for more info.

Popular Methods - by authors like Alfred or Faber, offer another learning path. They cover very efficiently the basics of piano playing up to the intermediate level. Students can achieve their music goals at their own pace without the pressure of an exam.
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Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons are very popular as they are not limited by the geographical distance between student and teacher. Now even RCM offers the option of Remote Examinations. I prepared quite a few of my students through Online Lessons for such exams, with very good results. We are using the ZOOM platform; the technical setup is very simple. Contact me to arrange a free demo online session.
An Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Lessons

An introductory course will lay the basics of the acoustic guitar and music theory. Further on the program will focus on specific music styles and techniques of acoustic or electric guitar, according to the student's preference, covering classical guitar, finger picking, rock, jazz, improvisation, etc.
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Vocal Lessons

The course is meant to develop a correct, healthy use of the vocal apparatus as an important condition in any style of vocal performance (pop, musical theatre, opera, etc.). Vocal technique (like vocal placement, projection, range, volume) is combined with ear training and elements of music theory. Other aspects of the artistry of vocal performance (stage presence, self-confidence, expressive communication) are also covered.
Music Staff with Treble Cleff

Music Theory Lessons

Elements of music theory are taught as a necessary component of any music lesson, no matter what instrument you play. But it must be studied in more detail as an independent course when the student prepares for an RCM Music Theory examination.
Bass player and girl singer performing on stage

Concerts and Competitions

Students have the opportunity to perform twice a year in exciting concerts organized in December and June. These events are always highly anticipated and enjoyed by both the performers and the audience. Visit our Gallery with photos and watch YouTube Videos from our previous concerts. We encourage and prepare our most motivated students for participation in music competitions, festivals, auditions around GTA, like Kiwanis, Davenport, North York Music Festival, etc.