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Learn Piano with Online Lessons

Using a high-tech setup with multiple cameras/monitors, superior video/audio and an extensive collection of teaching tools, Music Smart Online Piano Lessons deliver excellent results, no matter your location.

Piano teacher watching a student on the computer screen during an online piano lesson

LIVE Online Lessons

See your teacher and interact online in real-time; that is different from an asynchronous type of lesson when the student watches a prerecorded video material. During a LIVE online piano lesson you get:

immediate feedback and correction from your teacher.

real-time demonstration and emphasis of specific music fragments and topics.

flexibility in choosing the right learning approach and repertoire.

Online piano lessons work best for students with some experience who assimilated already a correct body/hand position and basic playing techniques.

Music Smart Online Setup

 Our studio-grade equipment and software combined with the ZOOM platform offer high-quality audio/video communication and an immersive learning experience.

multiple cameras showing various angles

super-fast internet connection for a flawless audio-video communication

multi-view screens combining speaker, keyboard/hands, music notes and other sources

music theory quiz

Online Learning Tools

Our real-time online piano lessons are supplemented with online resources accessible anytime from the Music Smart Library, and others, adding diversity and fun to your music learning.

Piano Video Tutorials

Detailed video demonstrations on playing various piano pieces, techniques and music theory topics. Watch a  Video Tutorial.

Audio Backtracks

Playing with a backtrack replaces the metronome and makes the practice more fun, as it feels like playing with a band. These accompaniment tracks are particularly beneficial for vocal and guitar students and piano beginners. Watch a  Video Example.

Customized Sheet Music

Customized arrangements created by Music Smart offer more choice and flexibility for repertoire not available from other sources.  Changes in key and song structure or matching the student’s skill level come in very handy. See a  Sheet Music Sample 

Music Smart Blog

Get advice on practice, playing techniques, music technology, fun facts and other exciting music topics from our Music Smart Blog.

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