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Meet Your Piano Teacher

Marius Dumitrescu

I am passionate about music, and I have a vocation for teaching.


Early in my musical career, I understood that a good piano teacher not only masters his instrument but also knows how to use the right teaching tools so the students can learn efficiently. He should also be a mentor and motivator. It is often said, “Music is fun.” But learning how to play an instrument takes a lot of practice, commitment and self-discipline. It is the teacher’s role, through his pedagogical approach and personality, to keep the student interested and motivated.


I am happy to say that, as a piano teacher in Richmond Hill, I managed over the years to inspire numerous students to try harder, improve constantly, and understand and appreciate music. Read a few of their comments in the Music Smart Google Reviews section.

I cordially invite you to come on board and be my music apprentice.


Marius Dumitrescu 

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Marius Dumitrescu- piano teacher
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         I started studying piano at six years old. My parents, professional musicians, exposed me to music early in childhood. So I technically grew up in a musical theatre, immersed in classical music, opera and modern music as well.
After completing my education in Romania – my country of origin – I was very active as a pianist, composer and music producer. I became a member of the Association of Composers and Musicians in Bucharest; I worked on personal musical projects and collaborated with artists in the music industry.

In 1996 I relocated to Canada, where I concentrated on my activity as a piano teacher in Richmond Hill. Sharing my knowledge and experience with my students has been stimulating and rewarding.

Besides music, I am a big fan of fitness, travelling and photography.