Music Smart Google 5 star review "Marius is an enthusiastic, brilliant person filled with professional knowledge on music.  He is an exemplary music teacher ready to guide all those who wish to start a music career.  His advice, support and kindness all factor toward his prodigious character for teaching students.  But one characteristic stands out, defining him as the great music teacher he is: his passion.  His passion and love for music makes it imperative for him to pronounce music's greatness unto the world.  This passion, this drive is what makes Marius stand out from the rest of the music teachers; not only will he help his students develop a sense of music but also develop a love and desire for it."
Matthew Ho, Graduating student
"Marius has taught music to our 4 children for almost 10 years. He is a reliable, passionate, expert in his field. He teaches with excellence and expects the same kind of diligence - which I appreciate. Despite different personalities and learning styles in our children, he managed to engage and teach all of them and they are all learning and growing each year. His passion for the arts has translated into all our children exploring various musical instruments which he is happy to advise and or teach. He goes above and beyond in so many areas including recitals, excellent book choices, examination preparation etc. and is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend Marius as a music teacher. "
Catherine Dell ’Erba
"It's been a great pleasure having Marius as a piano teacher for our daughter for several years. He is very professional and was great with our child nourishing her interest in music and working patiently on developing her technical skills. Marius is very consistent in his teaching methods and focused on quality from the very beginning. His lessons have always been engaging. He is not only teaching the essentials of the curriculum but can also accommodate student's interest in learning a particular popular song. Delivery of music lessons at home was super convenient and worked well with our busy schedules. In addition, we always enjoyed the regular concerts organized by Marius twice a year where our daughter and other students had fun performing and demonstrating their talents and progress. Thank you, Marius, for sharing your passion for music!"
Kira Egorova
"Mr. Marius is a great teacher that adapts to your learning style, and explains all concepts in a simple way so that it is easy to grasp. I did piano lessons with him for about 9 years, I feel that I learned a lot, and that there was no better teacher for me than Mr. Marius and the way he taught. Definitely a good teacher for any age. He is patient, yet he is firm, and he has inspired me to pursue a music career."
Keilah D, Graduating student
"Marius was my guitar and vocal teacher for 8 years, and has taught me so much. He taught me how to play guitar from scratch, and brought me to where I am today when playing. He also helped me improve my singing. Marius has been very kind and patient, and it is clear his passion for music is very strong. He is extremely intelligent with music, and always advises his students the best he can. I strongly recommend Marius for anyone who is looking for a music teacher who goes above and beyond! "
Nina Nezarati, Graduating student
"Marius has taught my two children, ages 7 and 8, for over 1 year and they have both made great progress with him.  He is extremely patient and kind and has a wonderful rapport with children.  He is very professional and focused on the children's progress in their skills while pacing his lessons at a level that is appropriate for the individualized learner's needs.  The biannual recitals are very exciting and motivating for the kids and give them a supportive environment to showcase their learning.  We would highly recommend Marius as a teacher to anyone with a desire to study music."
Tanya Falkenberg
"I've been with Marius for one and a half years and I play very nicely, thanks to him.  Marius has been a very good piano teacher ever since he started teaching me.  What I like about him is that he will provide you with great learning and fun activities.  Marius taught me songs from the lesson book so I can improve in my piano playing, but at the exact same time he taught me fun songs of my preference."
Maria L - age 10
"Marius has been teaching our daughter over 4 years and the experience has been excellent. Very patient and encouraging instructor . Highly recommend Music smart!! "
Angela Boin - Richmond Hill
"Marius taught piano to my three grand boys from primary to Grade 8 RCM. Doesn’t that say everything! In the latter years these boys were in their early teen years. He would arrive on time, well mannered and attired and fun for me to talk politics with. He fit his teaching ability to these boys, each one with distinct personalities and learning styles. Each year, Marius with his brother held a Xmas concert and a Spring concert, opportunities for the boys to showcase their talent. It was enjoyable and professionally presented. As well, Marius introduced the boys to competition at a children’s festival..."
Gayle - Grandmother of 3 - Richmond Hill
"Marius was my fourth piano teacher, and I started my lessons with him with a fair bit of musical knowledge and experience. As my classes with him began, I realized how much I had yet to learn in terms of both music theory and piano technique. Marius re-taught me the fundamentals, and when we picked up from where I had left off, I was instantly a better musician. In my five years as Marius’ student, my piano skills exponentially improved in a way that I certainly did not expect. Marius helped me achieve my main goal of getting through the Royal Conservatory of Music program with exceptional marks, something I most certainly would not have been able to achieve without his expertise and knowledge to help me out. Marius, thank you so much for everything you did for me throughout our years together. I owe my music training to you, and I am extremely grateful to have had such a caring and wonderful teacher! "
Eala Mobasheri - High School Graduate
"I began taking lessons with Marius almost 10 years ago.  As an adult learner with absolutely no former musical training, Marius instantly made me feel comfortable and did a fantastic job in teaching me the fundamentals of playing piano in a way that kept me both interested and challenged.  His profound knowledge of musical theory coupled with his obvious passion and talent makes learning from him an absolute joy.   Marius is inspiring, patient and committed to his students, and it is these very qualities that I have most appreciated in Marius.  I would highly recommend Marius for students coming from all age groups and abilities."
Thomas S - age 27
"Our daughters have been taking music lessons with Marius for two and a half years and demonstrated great improvement and interest since then.  We believe that such progress has resulted from Marius's approach to teaching.  In addition to the theoretical and practical material required for the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations, Marius includes the contemporary pieces which the girls are very enthusiastic to learn.  This has made the piano, guitar and vocal lessons and daily practice very enjoyable.  Marius, thank you very much for your enthusiasm, patience and commitment!"
 Tanja Berindea