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Vocal - Guitar - Music Theory

Find on this page information about our popular Vocal, Guitar and Music Theory courses.

Girl vocal student singing on the stage

Vocal Lessons

This course will develop a correct, healthy use of the vocal apparatus as an essential condition in any style of vocal performance (pop, musical theatre, opera, etc.). We will cover:

Vocal Technique – learn about vocal placement and projection, develop vocal range, volume and endurance.

Ear Training –  stabilize your musical hearing and sharpen your sense of pitch. Sing correctly before you can sing beautifully!

Music Theory

Vocal Artistry –  topics like stage presence, self-confidence and expressive communication


Guitar Lessons

An introductory course will lay the basics of playing the acoustic guitar and elements of music theory. Further on, the program will focus on specific music styles and playing techniques. We will cover: 

classical guitar


rock, pop, blues

Boy guitar student playing acoustic guitar on the stage in recital
Music theory sheet with musical notes writings, pencil and eraser.

Music Theory

Music theory basics are integrated into any music lesson as a necessary component, no matter what instrument you play.

  • musical terms and signs
  • rhythm
  • concepts like intervals, scales, chords

will help you learn a piece of music faster and better, making your practice more efficient.
Furthermore, Music Theory must be studied in detail as an independent course, being a corequisite for RCM Certificate Exams level 5 and above.

Harmony and Music History

 Levels 9 and 10 in the RCM Certificate Program require examinations in Harmony and Music History.

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